Monday, November 11, 2013

NTPC CMD Arup Roy Choudhury's new book Management by Idiots tells us a real story

ARUP Roy Choudhury has been at the helm of NTPC since August 31, 2010 and his rich and varied experience of 34 years in a number of PSUs has now constituted chapters in a book. The passionate corporate honcho has turned an author with his maiden book Management by idiots, which has hit the stands last week. The chairman of the country’s largest power generator NTPC, 57-year Choudhury...
who is the youngest (44 years) to head a public sector enterprise, tries to pen down his life experiences of an individual who thinks he is an idiot. This is a book by somebody who has 34 years of first hand experience in the realm of management. He is not a management guru but what he has written in his book, won't makes chapters in any management book.
The 116-page book is a succinct reflection of real life stories spread into 20 chapters. And to make a happy reading, each chapter in Management by Idiots starts with a popular saying or phrase or one liner such as ‘Jo dar gaya samjho wo mar gaya; kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab; Horn please, and Write your own obituary’. The book has been released by McGraw Hill.
And to make management lessons easier for readers, the author links such one liner with management lessons. Choudhury tells us about an instance of his standing his ground despite a difference of opinion with his superiors. He, however,  did not relent till his superiors realised he was right.
A Graduate in Civil Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra and Post Graduate in Management and Systems from IIT Delhi, Choudhuiry has written what he has practised. He has reflected his point of view and his perception and a reader can completely disagree. He has written a book, which probably could be read anywhere, anytime.
Choudhury has been at the helm at NTPC for nearly three-and-half years. He was instrumental in the turnaround of National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd (NBCC), where he held the reins for almost a decade. His deep-rooted conviction on the teachings of Bhagawat Gita has found its reflection in the book. The book attempts to showcase the Indian ethos and how to take people along. His management mantra is rooted in Indian system different from the Western model of thinking.
Choudhury feels the younger generation will find his book more interesting. They are hard working, they strive for excellence and profit making is always a prime mover, says Choudhury.
Among the various other things the book touches upon is the Indian way of management by jugaad. He recollects an incident during his posting in Iraq when a consignment of sand got wet just before a concreting work. Quickly, firewood was gathered to dry the sand, and the work went on.
He has vast experience in field of engineering, particularly in the construction industry and his seminal contribution at a younger age has been recognised by various professional, academic and Government bodies, both nationally and internationally.
Chowdhury started his career way back in 1979 and worked in prominent Public and Private Sector companies before becoming the youngest chief executive of a Central Public Sector Enterprise. 

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