Saturday, December 14, 2013

Union cabinet okays pay scale proposal at power PSUs

IN A major decision that will impact thousands of employees of five power sector PSUs, the Union Cabinet has said that deviant pay scales of below board level executives in five Central power sector PSUs will not be regularised, said a government release. The decision will impact below board level officials of five Central public sector units of the power ministry. These include...
Rural Electrification Corporation (REC), NHPC, North East Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO), THDC India and SJVN. The decisions of the Cabinet will be implemented within a month, said the release. The modified pay structure was in deviation of DPE guidelines regarding the pay structure of the CPSE employees.
"The Union Cabinet has approved the proposal of the ministry of power that the deviant pay scales adopted for below Board level executives from January 1997 shall not be regularised," said the release. The release added that no recovery shall be made for the excess pay drawn for the last 16 years. The decision follows a recommendation by a group of ministers (GoM) headed by finance minister P Chidambaram that the pay scales may be fitted from January 2007 after correcting the deviations. 
The five PSUs had adopted deviant pay scales from January 1, 1997 that did not meet the norms of the department of public enterprises – the nodal agency for all PSUs.

As a result, they could not adopt the new pay scales on regular basis that were brought into effect from January 1, 2007.


  1. We are waiting for wage revision from 1992 to till date ,we were denied the wage revision,1992,1997,2007,now 2012,who is that culprit they were getting timely wage revision,but kill the innocent sick psu employees,The govt started PSU not SICK PSU,Highly educated bureaucrats in india,what is the use ,The govt policy,inefficient management,corrupt politicians and vested interest bureaucrats,they were all enjoying punishment for sick psu employees.find out who is the response for the psu became sick and sent him to andaman island their families to jail,and recover their property to govt,it's not possible because we are in india and we were indians.i don't know these peoples how to think and spoil the national assets,brave heart.

  2. Our honerable president is the owner of indian psu's, president must do something to save the nationgl assets.othervise the vasted intrest politicians and correppted officers destroid the national assets for money soon .strong psu's make india strong..

  3. This way Government can get millions of additional votes without any expenditure.

    PF earns tax free interest. Interest is mostly compensation for inflation. (From 11.2006 to 1.1.2014, price index has increased 100 percent. But no bank doubled the money in these 8 years. So bank interest on FDs does not even compensate for inflation)
    After retirement, senior citizens become helpless as they do not get salary. PSU employees do not even get pension. Interest from banks on PF money gets taxed after retirement for these senior citizens.
    It is requested that all retirement funds should be allowed to be placed by senior citizen in tax free interest schemes.
    For senior citizens, they should be allowed to put all their retirement money in PPF, so that interest is not taxed. Since it is a fairly long term investment to earn regular interest, Government shall also get much needed money for its requirements. From a five year old PPF subscriber can take out part amount of money annually to meet his needs. This suits senior citizens.
    This way Government can get millions of additional votes from employees, senior citizens and their family members (about four crore votes).
    Alternatively, opposition can take it in their manifesto.

  4. the chidambaram govt will do anything, if you are ambony or jindal.