Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Modi model to be followed for appointing PSU heads

PM Narendra Modi
CALL it a move to bring Modi model of development being brought from Gujarat to across the country. During the election campaigns, expectations were high that Gujarat model of development will be applied in rest of the country if BJP comes into power. What seems to be a novel initiative, the Narendra Modi-led government at Centre will try and absorb talent...
pool from the private sector to head the PSU entities. Quoting official sources a financial daily reported that the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will consider talent from the private sector to head state-run companies as part of a plan to improve their management. The ministries will publish vacancies in large corporations that will allow people from the private sector to apply. Thus, UPA government brought Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani in the government to launch the Aadhar project.
The normal practice for the country is that IAS officers are appointed as heads of PSUs. But in Gujarat, where Narendra Modi was at the helm till last month, some public sector units are headed by non- IAS personnel. For Modi experience and talent were more important than official credentials.
In fact a number of state PSUs with tremendous potential are making losses and the government is looking for bringing in expertise from private sector to turn around them. The challenge for the government will be to meet the remuneration that is offered in the private sector. Currently, Coal India is headless and soon the government will publish advertisement to fill the vacancy in the leading PSU. 


  1. Our dynamic PM will try to revive the sick psu,but our corrupted vested interest bureaucrats never co-operate to his speed,because some of our DHI bureaucrats are still working for private sector and following UPA govt decision.they are not accept to revive the sick psu.Indian govt extreamly paid more for them,than why this peoples doing like this for money and why spoiling the national assets. respected bureaucrats pl think how to revive the sick psu,because you know the problems,you are the most power full officers in India.pl co-operate and strengthen our PM'sHAND.THANK YOU.

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    We are getting 1987 scale of pay in 2014,we are also PSU employees in INDIA.