Monday, October 27, 2014

Women PSU insurance staff to get transfers of their choice

GOOD news for the tens of thousands of female PSU insurance staff. Soon, they will get transfers of their choice.
The finance ministry in a circular has asked the all public sector insurance companies, including LIC, to formulate women- friendly transfer policies.
This aims at ensuring...
that they can get transfers at places where their husbands are working or parents are living.
LIC, GIC and five public sector general insurance companies are advised to frame a policy on posting or transfer with approval of board, a circular said.
The circular, sent to heads of the public companies, says that policies be framed in such way so as to minimise "hardship" of women employees.
"...It has been decided to accommodate as far as possible transfer or posting of a married female employee, on her request, at a place where husband is stationed or as near as possible to that place or vice versa," the circular added.
Likewise, unmarried women should be considered for posting or transfer at a place where her parents are stationed or as nearer to their home.
While giving directions to insurance companies, the Department said it has come to its notice that female employees, both married and unmarried, "when place/ transfered away from their husband or parents...To distant locations face a genuine hardship or develop a feeling of insecurity".

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  1. Good decision, But why for insurance staffs only?