Saturday, May 2, 2015

No PSU jobs for JK’s international sportspersons

Mehrajuddin Wadoo
ANY sportsperson making a mark in sports at the national or not to speak of international level is sure to get a plum job offer from any one of the PSUs. But this is sot the case so far in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The international sportsperson in the state have...
a different and somewhat sad story to narrate. A number of sportspersons have made a mark in the respective fields but they are yet to receive any offers from the government or the Public Sector Undertakings (PSU).
Despite proving their talent at national and international levels, sports stars like Parvez Rasool (cricket), Mehrajuddin Wadoo and Ishfaq Ahmad (both football) have not been offered jobs by any of the departments.
While Parvez has never applied for a PSU job, Wadoo had applied for J&K Police department without any success. Ishfaq wanted to apply in AG’s office here but the job requirement would not have allowed him to play in I-League outside the state.
“I have never been offered a job despite representing country in around 50 outings that includes wining international events. Though two years back I sent my file to JK Police but nothing result oriented has come out yet,” Wadoo was quoted as telling the media.He is playing in I-League for Bharat FC.
Experts say while different state governments, banks and PSUs routinely make job offers to top sportsmen across the country, J&K has turned out to be an exception.
“Players who have done the state proud at international level are required to queue up and apply for jobs under SRO 349 alongside other players who represent the state at national level or even who play at the state level itself”, a former star player was quoted as telling the local newspaper.
“If you want to honour a sportsman, you have to offer him a job and that too of a reasonable rank. They can’t beg the government for jobs”, he said.
“Almost every player who makes it to the international level is given an honorary job by the respective state government, the centre or the PSUs but that does not happen here. How can they expect stars like Parvez, Ishfaq or Mehraj to apply for a petty job”, he said.
According to SRO 349, a player who has either bagged a medal at a recognized national level event or represented the country in a recognized international event is entitled to PSU or government job.
“I think players like Wadoo, Ishfaq or Parvez should have been bestowed this honour way earlier. Wadoo and Ishfaq have been playing at international arena for more than 10 years while Parvez is also there for last more than two years. All other states honor players like these with jobs and it is only our state which lacks here,” said Muhammad Amin Khan former Secretary, J&K Bank Sports Board.

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