Saturday, December 23, 2017

Govt constitutes panel to examine complaints against PSU bosses: Report

THE government has constituted a committee to take a view on the complaints filed against CMDs, chief executives, functional directors and non-official directors of state-owned enterprises, public sector banks, financial institutions and insurance companies. The panel will be chaired by the Secretary (Coordination) in the Cabinet Secretariat. Its other members...
will be secretaries from Department of Public Enterprises (DPE), Department of Financial Services and Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). In the case of public sector banks, the panel will be empowered to take a view on the complaints against workmen directors, officers' directors and chartered accountant directors (excluding government nominee directors, RBI nominee directors, shareholder directors). "If there is no substance in the complaint or the complaint is frivolous in nature, the group would close the complaint and inform the relevant office from where the complaint was received," the Department of Public Enterprises said in an office memorandum. However, if after scrutiny, it is found that there is some substance in the complaint, a view would be taken by the committee regarding the nature of the investigation and further action called for and an appropriate recommendation would be made in this regard.
Thereafter, the recommendation would be submitted to the concerned Competent Disciplinary Authority, for further appropriate action.
"All the concerned ministries/departments shall follow a time limit of maximum of 30 days for submission of the initial report/comments on all the allegations made in a complaint and a maximum of 15 days for furnishing any clarifications or additional information is sought by the Group of Officers (GoO)," the Department of Public Enterprises said.
In cases where the officer against whom complaint has been made is retiring in near future, the concerned ministry or department will ensure submission of their reports in a strict time-frame to enable the GoO to submit its recommendations before the date of retirement of such officer.

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